Our Team


Yonathan Azran

For more than 20 years, Yonathan has put his knowledge into practice, coupled with his high level of work ethics and very serious work, to provide quality services to his customers.

Ezekiel Balouka

Graduated from the Technion Institute in 2006, with about 10 years experience in the medical field industry. I joined My Dev Ltd. in 2017 acting as COO with responsibilities on company daily activities, projects supervision and customers relationship.

Avi Lousky

Diploma in Mathematics and Physics from the Technion Institute. Master in physics with specialization in electro-optics and image processing.After serving the technological unit of the Israeli army as a developer and system engineer. In 2014 he made his conversion to high tech as an external consultant of companies in the field of fintech, med tech and security for deep learning technologies and image processing (automatic recognition, anomaly detection etc.)

Yosef Benhamou

Project Manager & Tech Expert (DevOps)
As a Technion Engineer, with a specialization in Startup and Entrepreneurship, and a Business & Management (Tech Oriented) MBA on the road, Yossef is giving the best of himself to take My-Dev further, through project management, Technological advicing and as a DevOps. He integrated the most tools we're using and especially the cloud dimension. His vision bring the team ahead with a wide panel of skills in all the field we're in (PHP, Laravel, JS, ES6, Vue.js, MySQL, MongoDB, Linux, AWS, Deployement, Agile...)

David Chocron

I am a Full Stack Web Developer since 2016 and I have been an analyst programmer for more than 17 years, specialized in the development of application and web application. I have acquired some experience in various domains: development of projects, users support, "testing" and project management. I am happy to work at MY-DEV, we have a very competent team always at the service of the customer and in search of technological innovations

Itamar Shaul


Eliasaf Perets

EliasafPerets, 27, married, lives in Nahariya, is a graduate of the Haifa and Nahariya Hesder Yeshivas. I am curious, creative, and always thirsty to learn new things. I developed my skills in design after intensive but enjoyable studies in the field of visual communication design at the MadaTech College. After two years, I studied at the John Bryce College webmasters who wanted to integrate the design into the web world. Over 8 years in the field as a freelancer and as an employee, I have accumulated my professional experience over the years working with clients in various fields, marketing companies and advertising agencies. During these years I developed my creativity and design abilities. They contributed a great deal to my strategic-marketing understanding and to my ability to formulate customer thinking, perfect design, the ability to deal with the customer and be attentive to his demands and business needs. My style of design is innovative, minimalist and clean, as part of my hobby. I like to enrich my knowledge by reading articles, watching instructional videos.
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