Know Your Customer (KYC) process allows companies to verify the identity of customers. This is usually done in two stages while onboarding of a new client and on an existing customer base. The main goal is to have a robust KYC process to mitigate risks pertaining to money laundering activities. KYC documents validation could be done internally by a dedicated validation team or using third party providers.

My Dev developed solutions for internal or external documents validation.

Internal Validation

Allow your customer to send their KYC documents through a dedicated interface and to receive real time notifications.

Offer your on boarding team an ergonomic interface to review KYC documents and to communicate with your customers.

Monitor third party provider’s validation and allow your on boarding team to have access to all documents and provide additional verifications when needed.

Third party validation

There are multiple companies specialized in KYC documents validation, some of them cover specific types of documents and others cover different geographical territories. Reliability and velocity of KYC documents validation could impact your business dramatically.. We provide assistance on third party integration with specific tools to easily switch between providers. We empower your business and avoid heavy integration time.

Do you plan to implement third party validation for your KYC documents?

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Know Your Business (KYB)

Companies doing business with other companies are required to follow regulation for assuring that they perform due diligence regarding the company owner and activities.
KYB process is far more complex than existing KYC processes and require a dedicated on boarding team.

For a Fintech company dealing with KYB the operational cost of fulfilling with the law requirements could become a serious burden.
Our solution empowers your validation team by providing an interface which allows to validate specific kinds of documents internally and using third party validation. In addition, notifications are sent to your users in real time and accelerate the on boarding time.